Canadian Universities Among World’s Top 100 for 2019

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Once again, several universities in Canada ranked high on the list as the best universities in the world. The University of Toronto, noted as the birthplace of stem cell and insulin research, was ranked 21st on the list. It is commonly listed in several publications as the number one Canadian university. The second Canadian institution on the list is the University of British Columbia, ranked 37th for 2019. If you are thinking of studying in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals for help with the visa process. They will walk you through your options and make sure all applications are filed correctly and in a timely manner.

McGill University ranked 44th and is located in Montreal, Quebec. McMaster University ranked 77th and is a science-oriented university. The University of Montreal, a French-language public research university in Quebec, was ranked 90th on the Times Higher Education ranking. There are many great universities to choose from in Canada and job opportunities upon graduation. Contact Canadianvp for assistance with the required visa to study, live, and work in Canada.