Canadian Immigration Policy Seeks More French-Speakers

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The Canadian government is planning to increase Francophone immigration. The government believes this move will help the country with its French language capabilities. This plan will also help to protect the cultural identity of Canada, noted Canadian Visa Professionals. This new policy was presented in an action plan for official languages that is to span […]

Immigrant from Japan Says She Feels More Free in Canada

Immigrant from Japan Says She Feels More Free in Canada

Altogether, 76% of all Japanese immigrants in Canada over the last two decades are women. Yuka Yamamoto Woods is one of the almost 14,000 women Japanese immigrants in Canada. The woman who arrived in Vancouver in 2006 said she feels freer living in Canada. Canadian Visa Professionals reported that she first came to Canada on […]

The Government of Canada is Supporting Canadians in Getting Active

Canadian Visa Proffesionals The Government of Canada is Supporting Canadians in Getting Active

The Canadian Government has shown its commitment to improving the activeness of Canadians from the playground to the podium. The support for sports is getting people moving. At the same time, the incredible support is bringing communities all over Canada together in the spirit of healthy competition. The Government recently announced the offering of $1,179,495 […]

48% of Canadian Employers have Increased their Salary Budgets

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Amidst the ongoing worker shortage, employers in Canada continue to invest in their pay increase budgets. Employers are doing this to adapt to Canada’s highly competitive job market. Darcy Clark, the senior principal for compensation at Normandin Beaudry, made this statement. About 48% of Canadian employers said they’re raising their salary budget this year. This […]

Montrealers Come Together in Freezing Weather to Search for a Lost Dog


Canadian Visa Professionals reported that the kind hearts and supportive spirits of Montrealers was revealed recently when a local resident’s dog was missing. While informing the media about his missing dog, Ryan Muscott kept fighting back his tears. He explained that the lost dog was there for him when his dad passed away. After the […]

Victoria Gallery Opens Vietnamese-Canadian Exhibit

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In 2017, artist Chrystal Phan worked at the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria. During this time, she detected something that got her disappointed. She stated that her disappointment came when she realized that her fellow Vietnamese-Canadians were not represented in the museum’s exhibit on families that year. Last year, Phan decided to do a solo […]

Survey Says 45% of Canadian Employers to Raise Salaries 8.1%

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The continuing labour shortage in Canada has resulted in an increase in wages for many workers. While there is hope that the talent shortage will ease shortly, employers across the country are projecting future salary bumps into their budgets. According to a survey of over 17,000 businesses across the country, 45% of the businesses expect […]

Widespread Consensus in Support of Immigration to Canada

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The large number of immigrants entering Canada in the last two years can be attributed to the great consensus supporting immigration. This positive attitude towards Canadian immigration is evident in that all three major political parties in the country support it. At the same time, they put actions in place to minimize the bureaucratic processes […]

Watch: What are the largest Immigrant Groups in Canada?

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If you click on the play button below, you can watch the changes in the immigrant groups in Canada through the years in the clip made by Animated Stats. For example, you can learn that in 2008, there were 588,423 immigrants from China. Furthermore, ten years later, India was number 1 – about 700,000 immigrants […]

Aging Demographics Drive Demand for Canadian Immigration

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Marco Mendicino, Canada’s federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, has announced a plan to fight against Canada’s demographic dilemma. More than nine million baby boomers will be at retirement age over the next ten years, which will create a labor shortage. If the challenges are not considered, healthcare costs could rise, pension payments will […]