Canada’s Population Rises to Record 40 Million Residents

Canadian Visa Professionals

Canada’s population has reached a new milestone of 40 million residents. According to Canadian Visa Professionals, the immigration policy by the government has helped boost Canada’s population over the last decade.

It came as a big surprise how fast it was for Canada’s population to reach her new 40-million milestone. 

A report from Statistics Canada says that Canada welcomed more than 1.1 million people in 2022 alone, including about 430,000 new permanent residents. 

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals

According to Canadian Visa Professionals, about 1.1 million people came to Canada as permanent or temporary immigrants between January and December 2022. It is the first year Canada’s population will grow by more than a million people in a 12-month period.
Judging by the report from Statistics Canada, 95.9 percent of the population growth experienced within the last 12-months came from international migration.
The report also specified that Canada’s population could hit 50 million in two decades if the current immigration levels are maintained.

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals

Impact of increased population on Canada’s economy

An expert from Canadian Visa Professionals says there is a huge relationship between immigration and population growth. For a country like Canada, immigration helps to strengthen the labor force by bringing skilled professionals to the country to increase the working population.

Michael Donnelly, a political science professor at the University of Toronto, also commented on the importance of immigration to Canada’s population. 


In his words:


“The working class today is responsible for paying the pensions of people retired today. That is why Canada needs newcomers who can fill in labor shortages and contribute to Canada's economy immeasurably. ”

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals


While the growing population is needed for the labor market, attention must be given to infrastructure and housing as many people come to Canada.