Canadian-Vietnamese Experience Portrayed in Painting Exhibit

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Chrystal Phan, an artist, stated how she got to know the challenges Vietnamese newcomers face when integrating into Canada. She noticed the Family: Bonds and Belonging exhibit didn’t have her Vietnamese-Canadians represented. Phan was working as a major gifts manager at the Royal B.C. Museum at this time.

Upon this realization, she asked the head curator of the exhibit about what she noticed. The curator responded that most of the artifacts were donated. Also, there was no printing to represent her community since they didn’t have connections to Vietnamese communities.

To Phan, the incidence wasn’t just about a lack of representation. Instead, it meant a lack of connection and integration into the community.

Canadian Visa Professionals reported that Chrystal Phan did something to help the situation. In 2022, Phan decided to do a solo exhibit of her own. With this, she hoped it would help the public better understand her community.

One of the Paintings of the Vietnamese-Canadian Exhibit

Phan’s solo exhibit was called “Once For A While.” It showed the immigrant experiences of Vietnamese Canadian families.

One of the paintings displayed was Camping. This painting showed a Vietnamese-Canadian family using chopsticks to barbecue around a pit. Curator Nicky Rendell commented that Phan’s work was delightful, intimate and engaging.

Canadian Visa Professionals concluded that newcomers could tell their immigration story like Chrystal Phan when they move to Canada.

The Canadian-Vietnamese Artist's Plan to Improve Her Community Integration

Aside from the painting exhibit showing the Canadian-Vietnamese experience, Phan has more plans to enhance the understanding of her community. She plans to visit local schools to show the children of newcomers how to explore their cultural identities using art.

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