Montrealers Come Together in Freezing Weather to Search for a Lost Dog


Canadian Visa Professionals reported that the kind hearts and supportive spirits of Montrealers was revealed recently when a local resident’s dog was missing.

While informing the media about his missing dog, Ryan Muscott kept fighting back his tears. He explained that the lost dog was there for him when his dad passed away.

After the news of the missing dog became known, a search party was organized in the Montreal suburb of Kirkland, where the owner resides. The nine-year-old pet that went missing Saturday morning was found early Monday morning. The dog was found due to the community’s efforts in searching and publicizing the news, as the person who found the dog had seen the post about the Muscott’s missing dog on social media.

Muscott Reunited with his Dog

The person who found the missing dog called Muscott as early as 6:30 a.m. The person explained to the owner that he found a dog that matched the post circulating on the internet.

The owner was excited at the news and, in no time, was reunited with the animal. This story shows Canadians’ unmatched and supportive nature, said Canadian Visa Professionals.

Despite spending about 48 hours in the freezing weather, Muscott’s dog, Peetah, became alert after eating some food. The owner explained that the dog staying active and warm throughout the two days of missing could be because it was a Husky Labrador mix.

The Owner's Gratitude to Montrealers

The local resident of Montreal couldn’t thank Montrealers enough. He expressed his gratitude to the community for their concern. Muscott also couldn’t help but thank them for setting up a search party, sharing his posts and looking for the dog.