More People Work in Canada’s Clean Energy Sector

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The clean-energy field in Canada is expanding more quickly than the economy in its entirety. Other well-known industries are feeling the pressure of finding skilled workers due to the growth. A think-tank at Simon Fraser University, Clean Energy Canada, released a study showing a picture of the industry that people do not know much about. The executive director, Merran Smith, commented that other countries keep data on the sector, but Canada doesn’t. There are many opportunities available for you and your family in Canada. Canadian Visa Professionals will walk you through the steps of applying for the required visa to live and work in the country.

People discuss the clean-tech industry, but it encompasses more than high-tech companies making electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells. It includes things like the transmission and production of renewable electricity to construction and transit workers, making buildings more energy-efficient. A bus driver, one who installs a high-efficiency furnace or even a hydroelectric-dam operator would be included in a Clean Energy Canada’s position count. The study showed in 2017 close to 300,000 Canadians were employed in clean energy. Those totals are more than 100,000 above the workers in quarrying, mining, and oil-and-gas extraction. There are seven times more workers in clean energy than in logging and forestry. The main reason for the study is to show how sizeable clean energy is in Canada and how much it will affect the economy. If you are considering relocating to Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. Their team can help you apply for the correct visa to make it happen.