Ontario Optician Has a Vision to Help Others

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Sudbury optician, Bryan Todd, is preparing for a ten-day excursion to Kenya, Africa. He will be taking limited clothing and toiletries as his suitcases will be packed with 1,500 pairs of eyeglasses. While in the country, Dr. Todd will be performing vision tests and handing out glasses to those from Zawadi la Tumaini, a Nairobi children’s home. If you are considering relocating to a country whose citizens are generous and welcoming to others, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. They will walk you through the steps to obtain the required visa to live and work in Canada.

Dr. Todd has volunteered on two other trips, one to Belize in 2004 and one to Malawi in 2016. The optician says for those who live in extreme poverty, being able to see clearly can make a dramatic difference. He says, “If you don’t have any vision, you really don’t have much of a future to be able to better yourself.” He knows that when these children put on glasses for the first time and can see, they have a better opportunity for a better life. The private company, Canadian Visa Professionals, has an experienced team of professionals who will give you a list of potential visa track options to be able to immigrate to Canada. Contact them today!

Todd, along with another optician, will be using a portable refracting unit attached to an iPhone to establish the person’s prescription. They will match the prescription with a pair of glasses that most closely matches. The residents of Sudbury donated all of the eyeglasses. Even though the match isn’t always exact, they try to help improve every child’s vision. Todd and the other doctor work 12-hour days and feel as if they barely scratch the surface. The demand for vision exams is high in poor communities. Todd says the experience is an excellent reminder of how thankful Canadians should be for things many take for granted. When working with Canadian Visa Professionals, you can be assessed for the best option for immigration to Canada. Their professional team understands the different requirements for each program.