City in Ontario Ranked #1 for Students in 2023

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A report recently highlighted the best student cities in Canada. From the report, Kingston, Ontario, is ranked the best; after this city is Montreal and Vancouver.

The 2023 study by HelloSAFE, a finance company, rated the cities based on various factors. The considerations for the ranking include the cost of studying, quality of student life, academic excellence, etc. 

Canadian Visa Professionals reported that the HelloSAFE team ranked 47 cities across Canada. The cities were compared based on four categories, later divided into subcategories.

The winner of each category got 50 points and the final score was marked out of 200. Similar rankings of student cities in European countries inspired this methodology for ranking, said HelloSAFE.

The Ranking of Best School Cities in Canada

Out of 200 points, Kingston earned 152 points. With this, the city in Ontario province took the top spot from Sherbrooke, Quebec. Sherbrooke took fourth in this year’s ranking. Montreal was second with 144 points, while Vancouver came in third with 143 points.

Kingston was ranked #1 because of its university reputation. Canadian Visa Professionals also reported that the city boasts a large student population. HelloSAFE added that Kingston provides a vibrant and varied student life.

Regarding academic excellence, Montreal was ranked the best city for students. Vancouver was consistently ranked fourth in the student life, excellence and attractiveness categories.

Montreal was second with 144 points, while Vancouver came in third with 143 points.

A Key Feature of the #1 City for Students in Canada

Kingston features a preserved environment. It also has easy access to nature. Due to these factors, the city provides a very healthy environment for studying. Some other top-rated cities for students in Canada are Calgary, Edmonton, and Hamilton.