Canada’s Workforce in Better Situation Than US Counterparts

While both Canada and the United States were negatively affected by the 2008 recession, as well as the bubble crash, Canada has had much better luck rebounding and improving. Thanks to help from companies like Canadian Visa Professionals, new jobs are being filled by skilled foreign workers who are moving to Canada.

Major Differences

Some of the largest differences between Canada and the United States include average wages for work, increases in employment, and housing construction. While wages for men and women rose in Canada, unemployment dropped, and the housing construction sector began to turn around, but things were different in the United States.

What Is Happening

Rather than training new workers, both the United States and Canada tend to hire workers from outside the country. The team at Canadian Visa Professionals helps foreign workers who want to live in Canada. Additionally, since Canada deals more in oil than the United States, that may be helping improve the GDP, as oil accounts for more of the GDP in Canada than it does in the United States.

The Canadian Visa Professionals work hard to make sure that Canada has a great pool of employees to choose from. It’s these employees, an improvement in the construction sector, and an improving housing market that are all helping to improve Canada’s workforce.

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