Canadian Immigration Policy Seeks More French-Speakers

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The Canadian government is planning to increase Francophone immigration. The government believes this move will help the country with its French language capabilities. This plan will also help to protect the cultural identity of Canada, noted Canadian Visa Professionals. This new policy was presented in an action plan for official languages that is to span […]

The Government of Canada is Supporting Canadians in Getting Active

Canadian Visa Proffesionals The Government of Canada is Supporting Canadians in Getting Active

The Canadian Government has shown its commitment to improving the activeness of Canadians from the playground to the podium. The support for sports is getting people moving. At the same time, the incredible support is bringing communities all over Canada together in the spirit of healthy competition. The Government recently announced the offering of $1,179,495 […]

Philanthropists Provide Funding to Help 685 Refugees Immigrate to Canada

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Nearly $3.5 million was donated by philanthropists in Canada and the U.S. to help community groups cover the cost of sponsorship. Thanks to the generous donations, 685 refugees will arrive in Canada by the end of the year, and 37 of those will reside in British Columbia. They are a part of the Blended Visa […]

The Differences in Canadian and American Workplaces

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Although Canada and the United States share one of the longest borders in the world, there are some big differences in lifestyles between the citizens of these countries, especially when it comes to the workplace.