The Provincial Nominee Program Procedure

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Each Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) will have different eligibility requirements, depending on what territory or province you will be living in, but no matter where you want to live, you will have to follow the same basic PNP procedure. Working with the experts at Canadian Visa Professionals will make this process a lot easier and faster.

The Traditional Process

Any foreign worker who wants to work and live in Canada in a specific province or territory will have to apply to the PNP in that particular area, following the information provided by the Canadian Visa Professionals. After that territory or province has assessed that the applicant is qualified, they will receive a provincial nomination. The second step of the traditional PNP process is to apply to Canada’s national immigration authorities for a permanent resident visa. Any necessary background checks and medical exams will be performed, and applicants will now pay their necessary fees and supply needed information and documents. The Canadian visa may be granted if the applicant as well as all family members meet the requirements.


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Applying via Express Entry

This second way of applying through the Provincial Nominee Program allows skilled workers to gain a Canadian visa within about six months, as long as the application was submitted successfully with all the required information. There are still a number of steps, which is why many people work closely with the Canadian Visa Professionals to ensure that they complete everything correctly the first time.

Workers will apply to the PNP either through the Express Entry profile or with the PNP Express Entry “stream” in their desired area of Canada and receive a provincial nomination (if they meet the PNP criteria). After the PNP nomination has been issued and their Express Entry profile is updated with that information, then they will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and provide all the necessary information and details to apply for their visa with the national Canadian immigration authorities.

Once they have received their Invitation to Apply (ITA), the applicant has 90 days to submit their finished Canadian visa application. An application fee, visa application, and the required documents will all be turned in together via the traditional process or the Express Entry process. In most cases, a visa decision is made within six months after the complete visa application was submitted using the Express Entry system.