Atlantic Immigration Pilot Helps Immigrants Find Jobs in Canada’s Eastern Provinces

immigrant woman

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants; however, most immigrants end up staying in the western provinces. Many immigrants only know of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and have little knowledge of the western half of Canada. However, the government has instituted a new program called the Atlantic Immigration Pilot in hopes to draw immigrants eastward to make up for declining populations, fill jobs, and give immigrants a great place to live. Canadian Visa Professionals help immigrants apply for visas and make a new life in Canada.

Atlantic Provinces Suffering from Declining Birth Rates, Aging Populations, and Low Immigration Numbers

The Atlantic provinces, which consist of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador, are having a bit of a population crisis due to residents moving away, declining birth rates, aging citizens, and low immigration rates. Statistics Canada reports that 19.8 percent of the population in the eastern region is over the age of 65, whereas that number is only 12 percent in Alberta. Here at Canadian Visa Professionals, we help immigrants get their visa quickly to take advantage of programs like the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.



Immigration-Friendly Communities in the East Offer Great Living and Work Opportunities for Immigrants

The aging population in the eastern region is retiring in large numbers, which leaves many jobs vacant. Companies are struggling to fill these spots, and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot seeks to make this process easier for both individuals and businesses. There are not only great work opportunities in this region, but it is also an affordable and friendly place for immigrants to settle. If you are looking for a great community to live and work in, contact Canadian Visa Professionals to find out more information about how to begin your visa application process.