Ceremony Brings Great Joy to 48 New Canadian Citizens

immigrant woman

In December 2017, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights held a citizenship ceremony to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The forty-eight people who were sworn in as Canadian citizens were individuals who wanted to better their lives by moving to a country with better opportunities and quality of life than their home countries. An employee at the museum, Olivia Bechard, felt that it is important to celebrate inclusion and diversity.

The ceremony facilitated this celebration by including discussions about what it means to be a Canadian citizen. Canadian Visa Professionals understands the importance of tolerance and unity, which is why we work with people every day to simplify the Canadian visa process.

A Land of Opportunity

Many people who immigrate to Canada see it is a land of promise and hope as well as one in which they can make a better life for themselves and their family than they could in their home countries. Some people at this ceremony came from countries ravaged by war and poverty and are very thankful to have a new life in Canada. Canadian Visa Professionals takes pride in helping these individuals find safety and security in their new country by becoming permanent residents and citizens.

Personal Meaning

Obidah Abdul Basir feels that Canada has a wealth of opportunities and that the people here are genuinely caring, kind people. Her family came to Canada in 2005 after leaving Afghanistan. Since the time she arrived at age 19, she knew she wanted to become a citizen one day and this ceremony finally allowed her to fulfill her dream.  Here at Canadian Visa Professionals, we work with people similar to Obidah every day to help them begin new lives in Canada.