Immigrants Find Prosperity in Nova Scotia

immigrant woman

Nova Scotia is an extremely welcoming province and they accept immigrants as part of their own community. Partly because of this hospitality and inclusion, immigrants in Nova Scotia have higher rates of employment than immigrants in other provinces. Around 86% of Nova Scotians believe that immigrants positively impact their province and this number has grown a lot in recent years. If you are looking to move to Canada from your home country and want to enjoy the inclusivity offered in Nova Scotia, contact Canadian Visa Professionals today.

Immigrants Flock to Nova Scotia

Nearly 4,000 immigrants moved to Nova Scotia in 2017 alone, although even more came over in 2016 in an influx of Syrian immigrants. Because of the inclusive and immigrant-friendly attitude of most Nova Scotians, immigrants are finding this province a great place to settle and make new lives for themselves and their family. Immigration Minister Lena Diab told CBC news, “The more the merrier, as far Nova Scotia is concerned,” which is a refreshing point of view compared to the political climate in other countries in recent times.


Great Economic Opportunity for Immigrants

Canadian Visa Professionals works hard to help people receive approval for a visa and find gainful employment in Canada. Immigrants who settle in Nova Scotia enjoy much higher employment rates than the Canadian average. They are also twice as likely to work in their field if they were trained in their home country. If you would like to take advantage of this economic opportunity, contact Canadian Visa Professionals today.