Becoming Canadian: An Immigrant’s Journey

Choosing to move to a new country can be terrifying. You’re taking a leap of faith that you’ll be successful locating a place to live, meeting new people to become your family away from home, and finding a job to support yourself and your family in your new endeavor. This was especially the case for Lamia Al-Qaysi, who fled Iraq and Syria to make a new life in Canada. Al-Qaysi was one of fifty to receive Canadian citizenship, but it didn’t come easily. Instead, she fled for her life from a war-torn country. If you are moving to Canada to begin a new life, whether due to a dangerous home environment or just wanting a new space to call home, Canadian Visa Professionals can support your move.

Canada: A Welcoming Place for Immigrants

Immigrants are welcome in Canada and they are finding a space that is welcoming and that offers a fresh start. Many immigrants, when speaking of their experiences, share that they hope to work hard on behalf of a country that has welcomed them with open arms. In thanks, they are officially becoming Canadian citizens.

When immigrating to Canada, Canadian Visa Professionals can help immigrants get on their feet with proper advice and guidance.

Immigrants Feel Canadian Pride

Many of the recently announced Canadian citizens already show pride in their new home. While many immigrants have been in Canada for several years before the process was complete because the law prevents citizenship for at least three to four years, they still have embraced the Canadian lifestyle. Some of the immigrants, during interviews, claimed they view Canada as one of the best countries in the world and that they truly feel as if they are part of the country. Canadian Visa Professionals wants the same for all immigrants. With a welcoming environment, Canada can be a great new home for those considering their next great adventure in life.

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