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Becoming Fully Canadian Means Spending Time on the Slopes

There’s a lot to becoming a Canadian citizens, and some of those tests you can study for. Canadian Visa Professionals help their clients everyday prepare with information about the maple leaf, swear allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, and practice their French and English, but to feel truly Canadian you will need to embrace some time on the ski slopes.

Newbies Spend Time on the Bunny Slopes

For Rosemary Kanickaraj and Xi Feng, strapping on skis and hitting the slopes was a new experience. They know that living in Canada means taking part in their pastimes, and one of their main ones is skiing. With plenty of help for new skiers and a lot of hot chocolate available in the lodge, this pastime is one that most new Canadian residents embrace.

Immigrants Are Willing to Learn

There has been a recent influx in Chinese immigrants spending time on the slopes in Canada. Mr. Wong, who speaks many languages, attributes this to their willingness to learn new skills and also to adapt to fit in to the mainstream. Canadian Visa Professionals can help their clients learn what they need to know and prepare them for their new lifestyle change.

More and more immigrants, helped by companies like Canadian Visa Professionals, feel like in order to truly embrace their new life in Canada, they need to also embrace the culture and the pastimes. In most cases, this means strapping on skis and trying out skiing.

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